Here's my latest video, "Forgive Me For Not Loving You."  Thanks to Evan Voyles (guitar), Ellen O'Meara (vocals), Susannah Joffe (video production) and Lea Silveira (video assistant) for their talent and time.



These 3 songs are from my first EP (really a Min-EP).

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A little about these songs:

It took me many years of writing to actually start writing songs that came from an open, honest place.  "18 Lines" was written after my family's move from Fairfax, VA to Austin, TX.  My daughter was still young, but something about our move put my mind in the future --- imagining the time she'll be leaving us for college.  Little did I know that the "leaving" starts much younger.  As she grows up and separates more and more (almost 15 now) I'm continually faced with situations where I want to hold on, but I have no choice but to let go.  It's like so many other transitions and experiences in life that I want to avoid, but cannot.  I dread the unavoidable, it comes, it passes, and we go on.

I wrote "Love I Give You Now" for everyone, like and including me, who grew up with the overt or subtle message that they're not OK the way they are.  People who cling to the hope that the person they'd like to hear these words from will one day come through and express or demonstrate their love.  For many, those words or those actions never come --  not because they're not worthy, but because the other person is incapable of loving.  We don't know that, though, and by the time we do, the pain has been so deeply rooted that it can seem impossible to move beyond.   This song is a chance for people to hear those words.

I struggle every day to live "Like The Water".   There are not many days that I'm able to just let go and be.  My mind is swirling with what-if's and ramifications and obstacles and why's and worries.  I  sometimes get angry with myself for wasting so many days consumed by fear.  I still don't have an answer for that, but I just keep ploughing ahead and pretend I'll get there one day.

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